Thursday, November 6, 2008

Types of Money

Types of Money

Currency is paper bills and coins. Paper bills are paper or cloth notes with markings that indicate their monetary denominations. Paper bills are an example of fiat money. Coins are hard materials, typically metals, with markings that indicate their monetary denominations. Coins are an example of commodity money.

Fiat money is money that does not have intrinsic value. It generally cannot be used except as money. “Fiat” is Latin for “let it be done.” In English, a fiat is an arbitrary order or degree. Thus, fiat money is money because the government has declared it to be so. The Jacksonville University motto is “fiat lux,” which translates as “let there be light” or “let the light shine.” The goal of the university is to enlighten its students.

Commodity money is money that has intrinsic value. It can be used as something other than money. Gold and silver coins are commodity money because they can be melted down and used to make jewelry or other goods.

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