Monday, December 1, 2008

Fiscal Policy - Table of Contents

Fiscal policy is taxation and government spending.

Fiscal Policy - Table of Contents
Fiscal Policy - Learning Objectives
Using Fiscal Policy to Manage the Economy
The Efficiency of a Tax System - Overview
The Efficiency of a Tax System – the Effect on Incentives & Behavior
The Efficiency of a Tax System – the Administrative Burden
The Equity of a Tax System
The Sources of U.S. Federal Government Revenues
The Individual Income Tax
Social Insurance Taxes
Marginal Tax Rates Versus Average Tax Rates
Alternatives to the Current Individual Income Tax
Lump-Sum Taxes
The Flat Tax
Consumption Taxes
Tax Burden in the U.S.
Central Government Tax Revenue as Percentage of GDP
Tax Revenue as a Percentage of Gross Domestic Product
Federal Government Taxation
State & Local Government Taxation
Government Spending
Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW)
Federal Government Spending
State & Local Government Spending
Deficits & the Debt
U.S. Public Debt Since 1940
U.S. Public Debt Since 1940 - Adjusted for Inflati...

The Economics of Conservatives and Liberals
(Not) Paying for Government
Definitions - Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Policy - Questions for Further Study
Fiscal Policy - Taxation and Government Spending
The U.S. Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2009
U.S. Federal Budget - Fiscal Year 2008


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