Monday, October 12, 2009

Daily Show video shows how the economic recession has affected rappers

In the four-minute video "Still a Boss", rapper Slim Thug gives props to John Maynard Keynes as he explains how the economic recession has affected his lifestyle:

Still a boss. Still gettin' checks.
Still gettin this paper, but just a little less.

Slim Thug, mother @#$%&#, known as the boss,
running the game because I cut out costs.

And the recession hit rappers like a bullet to the shoulder.
They dodging phone calls from their .... holders

If you lost all your cash flying G5 planes.
I'm still flying first ... Thanks John Maynard Keynes

(Slim Thug holds a copy of a biography of John Maynard Keynes by Jennifer Terrell.)
Trying to beat your face, I cut costs to the end.
You're broke. Say hello to my liittle friend.

(Video of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke testifying before Congress.)
Still a boss. Still gettin' checks.
Still gettin' this paper, but just a little less. (I'm gettin' paid, man.)

I don't pop bottles in the club. They cost too much.

Better take some shots of Patrone and shut the hell up.

I shop at Costco. It's half the cash.
I buy a bottle with what you spendin' on one glass.

Now I call. I save money.

Who will buy shares in AIG?

(Video of a television personal investments advisor recommending the purchase of stock in the American International Group (AIG) insurance company shortly before the company's liquidity crisis and collapse.)

No thanks for the advice.

Got me tracking the S&P.
(The Standard and Poor's stock market index)
And now I'm mad at my money, mad at my money.
(A reference to Jim Cramer's personal investments television show "Mad Money." Cramer advised an inquirer not to sell stock in the investment bank Bear Stearns a week before its collapse and takeover.)
My crew rode deep. Always spending my stacks.
So I made 'em all dependents on my income tax.
I'm gonna say they my sons,
And if that don't work, tax man, show my thumbs

1099 and the W-4.
(tax forms)
Blast them up with my credit score.

Mortgage paid off. Got a house that I own.

I traded in the Bentley. Got the cash for chrome.

We drive Smart cars now.

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