Monday, April 12, 2010

AP survey: Recovery to remain sluggish into 2011

In the April 12, 2010 article "AP survey: Recovery to remain sluggish into 2011," Associated Press economics writer Jeannine Aversa says a survey of economists suggests U.S. economic growth will remain quite modest until at least 2011.
"Among the first survey's key findings:
• The unemployment rate will stay stubbornly high the next two years. It will inch down to 9.3 percent by the end of this year and to 8.4 percent by the end of 2011. The rate has been 9.7 percent since January. When the recession started in December 2007, unemployment was 5 percent.
• Home prices will remain almost flat for the next two years, even after plunging an average 30 percent nationally since their peak in 2006. The economists forecast no rise this year and a 2.3 percent gain next year.
• The economy will grow 3 percent this year, which is less than usual during the early phase of a recovery and the reason unemployment will stay high. It takes growth of 5 percent for a year to lower the jobless rate by 1 percentage point, economists say."

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