Monday, June 15, 2009

Joe Scarborough says GOP has chosen Republicanism over conservatism.

During a Meet the Press interview with conservative commentator Joe Scarborough on June 14, 2009, host David Gregory read from Scarborough's new book, The Last Best Hope, which is "a real thoughtful examination of where the Republican Party is and where it should be going. This is what you write, page 234:"
"I told [2006] Republican candidates that if they wanted to remain in the majority, they would have to admit to voters that the [Bush] White House had been reckless with taxpayer dollars. ... Our president was wrong to believe that the United States could fight two wars, cut taxes, and increase federal spending, all at once. Once again, Republican candidates choose Republicanism over conservatism. They chose instead to remain silent. The result was a political and economic disaster we will be paying for over the next generation."
Like former Congressman Mickey Edwards (the author of Reclaiming Conservatism), Joe Scarborough is another long-time conservative who is very critical of the modern Republican Party

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