Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Obamas´ `Date Night´ Trip to New York at Taxpayers´ Expense

Was the May 30, 2009 personal trip to New York by the Obamas an example of lavish liberal excess? A June 1, 2009 article in Media Matters for America suggests it is normal for taxpayers to fund expenses such as this. Where was the outrage for George W. Bush´s taxpayer funded 77 trips to his Crawford, Texas ranch?

Please do not misunderstand me. I am all in favor of reducing wasteful spending, whether with public or private funds. But criticizing the Obamas for this trip without having similarly scrutinized the Bushes strikes me as petty, partisan bickering. The purchase of the official George W. Bush State China Service, which consists of 320 14-piece place settings, seems to be a much bigger extravagance. And even though it was bought with privately raised money through the White House Historical Association Acquisition Trust, I have a hard time believing that was the the best use of $492,798.


  1. Nothing like a night out on the taxpayers.

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