Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Syriana - The Importance of Economic Growth

The importance of physical investment, such as infrastructure, for future economic growth is highlighted in a scene from the 2005 thriller movie "Syriana" about the geopolitical implications of the oil business.
[Bryan Woodman to Prince Nasir Al-Subaai] What are they thinking *hah*? What are they thinking? They're thinking that it's running out, it's running out and 90% of what's left is in the Middle East. Look at the progression, Versailles, Suez, 1973, Gulf War 1, Gulf War 2. This is a fight to the death. So what are THEY thinking? Great! They're thinking keep playing, keep buying yourself new toys, keep spending $50,000 a night on your hotel room, but don't invest in your infastructure... don't build a real economy. So that when you finally wake up, they will have sucked you dry, and you will have squandered the greatest natural resource in history...

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